Saturday, November 15, 2008

Web and Library 2.0

Greetings! Welcome to the presentation blog for the Fall 2008 NILRC pre-conference held in collaboration with the Illinois Council of Community College Administrators.

I use presentation blogs instead of power points because blogs are:
  • Native to the Web - reside online for reference following the conference
  • Permit interaction through the comment mode
  • Facilitate easy hyperlinks (all of the posting titles are hyperlinks to resources on the topic)
  • Provide random access to postings - rather than paging through a serial list of slides
  • Provide a lasting (and evolving) resource on the topic

You will find many more presentation blogs at my home page - linked to the title of this posting.

Take a quick tour of the blog - you will note that the right column includes daily RSS-updates from three blogs - Online Learning Update, Educational Technology, and Techno-News. Also note that the titles of each of the postings links to relevant resources.

Please post comments to keep the discussion going!

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